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RFTA’s fareboxes make it easier and more convenient to ride the bus. For every ride, exact fare is required. No change or refunds can be given.


Paying with Stored Value Cards

To use your stored value card, simply insert it into the card dispenser slot with the arrow facing you. This will automatically deduct the price of the current ride and print the remaining value on the back of the card. If there is not enough money left on the card then the farebox will tell you the remaining fare amount owed. You will then be able to use another card or pay cash for the balance. If the back of the card runs out of space to print the remaining total, then the farebox will automatically print another card with the remaining amount. This card can then be used the next time you ride the bus.


Paying with 30 Day Zone Passes

Upon the first use of your 30 Day Zone pass simply insert your card into the card dispenser slot (3) with the arrow facing you. This will activate your card and print the activation and expiration date on the back of the card. This is important as your card is good for a 30 day period regardless of the beginning and ending of the calendar month. Once your card is activated you simply slide it through the card reader swipe slot (4) with the magnetic stripe facing you.

Using a transfer – all transfers are issued and validated by RFTA’s fareboxes

  • The transfer time period will start at the time you board the bus and pay your fare
  • For this reason, RFTA has a transfer time period from of 120 minutes to allow adequate time for customers to make their connections
  • Upon the second use or when the time is up, the farebox will mark the transfer as EXPIRED and it will no longer be valid
  • Other transfer policies and procedures remain in effect

Seasonal Zone Passes

Show these photo I.D. passes to the bus driver upon boarding the bus to validate the pass.

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