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The intent of this code is to ensure the safe operation of RFTA services and facilities. Violations of this code along with the violation of any RFTA policy, procedure or direction by RFTA employees are subject to suspension of service as outlined by the RFTA Suspension Policy. RFTA is aware that some behaviors that might violate this policy may be the result of involuntary behavior resulting from a disability; accordingly, each potential violation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • All RFTA buses and facilities are under video and audio surveillance.
  • Drivers have the right to refuse service to intoxicated or problematic persons.
  • Stay clear of the doors until they are opened
  • Do not cross the street in front of a bus after exiting the vehicle
  • Report suspicious packages or behavior to the bus driver
  • Have your correct fare ready


  • No illegal activity on RFTA buses or property,
  • Passengers must follow bus operator directions and all RFTA policies and applicable, RFTA rules and regulations,
  • No consumption of alcohol or open alcohol containers,
  • No fare evasion,
  • No littering on the bus,
  • No disrupting the safe operation of bus or bus operator duties,
  • No disruptive or abusive behavior or language on RFTA buses or on RFTA property,
  • No loitering on RFTA property,
  • No vandalism of any kind on RFTA buses or property,
  • No shouting or talking loudly; including on cell phones,
  • Strollers must be collapsible and must be stowed while riding,
  • Riders must maintain safe personal hygiene,
  • Shoes, shirts and bottoms are required; no roller skates.
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