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Stored Value Cards are available at RFTA Ticket outlets located from Aspen to Rifle and at VelociRFTA Station Ticket Vending Machines. I need to know how to use the Stored Value Cards

Stored value cards are preloaded with either $20 or $40 cash towards rides. these cards are discounted at 25% off, or $40 worth of rides for just $30.00 and $20 worth of rides for $15.00. They can be used for any fare destination (except Maroon Bells) and are transferable, making them both economical and convenient. View the Fares page for more information.

Card Value Price
$40 Stored Value Card $30.00
$20 Stored Value Card $15.00

Stored Value Cards in additional denominations are sold at all Ticket Vending Machines.

For more information Call Rubey Park Transit Center at (970)925-8484 or email [email protected].
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