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e.g. Rubey Park

e.g. Cemetery Lane & Highway 82


Follow these tips to make sure your own trip is as safe as possible.


  • Use a designated bus stop. Bus stop locations have been chosen for maximum safety, so RFTA operators are not permitted to pick up or drop off passengers outside marked stops.
  • Never run for a bus. Running for a bus can lead to slips, falls and other accidents. If the operator is already pulling away, don’t chase the bus or pound on the door. It’s much safer to wait for the next bus.
  • Board at the front of the bus. Always board the bus from the front entrance. The back door is for exiting passengers.
  • Have your fare ready. Having the correct fare ready before you board helps cut down on delays and keeps the bus and your fellow riders on time.
  • Wait your turn. Let passengers exit the bus before boarding to minimize crowding and falls on the stairs. Allow passengers using wheelchairs to board and exit first.
  • Hold on. Use handrails to steady yourself on the way to your seat.
  • Pick your seat. Choose your seat quickly and sit down, then avoid changing seats while the bus is in motion.


  • Watch children. If traveling with children, make sure they stay seated.
  • Stand behind the yellow line. Stay seated whenever possible, but if the bus is full and you must stand, remain behind the yellow line. It’s the law! And your operator can’t see the mirrors when passengers stand forward of the line. If you must stand, hold onto the handrails at all times.
  • Keep aisles clear. Keep all personal belongings such as shopping bags or laptop cases out of the aisles. Strollers and grocery carts must be folded.
  • Be careful during bad weather. Rain and snow call for extra caution. Wet floors can be slippery, so be sure to use the handrails.


  • Keep your seat until the bus stops! Request your stop by ringing the bell about one stop before your own. Remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop.
  • Hold on. Again, always use handrails when walking on a bus.
  • Watch your steps. Use caution when going down steps and when stepping off the bus.
  • Don’t cross in front of the bus. Step onto the sidewalk and wait until the bus pulls away before starting to cross the street. Cross only at crosswalks and obey traffic signals.


All RFTA buses, VelociRFTA Stations and the Rubey Park Transit Center are equipped with video surveillance equipment.


We rely on our passengers and the general public to be aware of and alert to any suspicious or dangerous activity on RFTA buses, bus stops and stations. Report any of the following suspicious activities or packages to a bus operator, police officer, or you can call our customer service line at (970)925.8484. If it is an emergency, call 911.

Suspicious appearance

  • A person or persons wearing clothes unsuitable for the time of year
  • Anything protruding in an unusual manner underneath a person’s clothing
  • A person trying to blend in with surroundings, even though he or she appears out of place

Suspicious behavior

  • Nervousness, tension or excessive sweating
  • Individuals abandoning a package and hastily departing the area
  • Walking slowly while surveying the area or running in a suspicious manner. Taking unauthorized photos of transit operations and equipment

Suspicious items and packages

  • Electrical wires, switches or electronic devices sticking out of a bag or clothing
  • Unattended bags, packages, boxes or backpacks
  • Unexplained smoke, mist, gas, vapor, odor or leaking fluid
  • Spray bottles or aerosol canisters
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