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If you are transferring you must tell the driver your destination upon boarding and request your transfer. A transfer will pop up from the Farebox card dispenser slot. Take the transfer and note the valid transfer time period printed on the back. Transfers are valid for 4 hours or 240 minutes, please use it within the time window stamped or you will have to pay another fare. When boarding the next bus, place transfer into the farebox with arrow facing you. The farebox will then print “expired” on your transfer. Please retain this transfer until you depart the bus.

Below are RFTA’s policies regarding transfers:

  • Transfers must be requested upon boarding the bus
  • Transfers are good on the date issued for a one-time use within a time limit printed on the transfer slip. The time limit on transfer slips is 4 hours or 240 minutes
  • Transfers must be placed into the farebox upon boarding the next bus
  • Transfers are valid only at designated transfer points
  • Transfers are not valid on the issuing route or any returning routes
  • RFTA is not responsible for lost/stolen or damaged transfer cards

Also, please be advised that any passes or transfers purchased from a non-authorized individuals or re-sellers may not be valid. Purchase at your own risk. Only purchase RFTA passes from valid RFTA Sales Outlets and Ticket Vending Machines.

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