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Try out the updated RFTA BusTracker. New features!

With the updated RFTA BusTracker website, you can now know exactly when the next bus will show up at your stop and how crowded it will be. In fact, you can even watch an interactive map on your smartphone or computer as the bus glides down the street toward you.  

The website also lets you sign-up for real-time notifications via email or text that alerts you when your bus is headed your way and an approximate time when it will arrive. Riders can also receive alerts if there are service disruptions, such as delays or cancelations, on their chosen route or routes. We have added brand new features such as a trip planner and bus crowding alerts, so you will know how crowded the bus will be before it arrives at your stop.

RFTA BusTracker can be used by busy workers to plan their routes and by shoppers to determine how much time they have before the next bus arrives. It’s still recommended to arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes early.

The app’s GPS-based system allows you to register all your preferred bus stops so that you can quickly access them each time you need to. 

Visit to get started now. 



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