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RFTA Tips For Rider Safety & Etiquette

Explore RFTA’s tips to safe and courteous riding! Let’s make every ride enjoyable for all. 

Be Respectful

No disruptive or abusive behavior or language on RFTA buses or
property. Passengers must follow bus operator directions and all RFTA policies and applicable rules and regulations.

Food & Drink

Eating and drinking is allowed however please clean up after yourseland throw trash in proper receptacles. Consumption of alcohol or open alcohol containers is NOT allowed.


Loud Music

Loud music and disruptive behavior is not allowed. Please be respectful of others and only listen to music through headphones. 

Talking Too Loud

Practice cellphone courtesy by talking in a normal volume, not using speaker and avoiding FaceTime unless using headphones.

Pets & Service Animals

Only service animals are allowed or a pet that fits and remains in a pet carrier while on the bus. Service animals are not permitted to sit in seats; they must remain on the floor.


No Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol or open alcohol containers is NOT allowed. Drivers have the right to refuse service to intoxicated or problematic persons. 


Personal Hygiene

Riders must maintain safe personal hygiene. 


Safety First

Stay clear of the doors until they are opened. Do not cross the street in font of a bus after exiting the vehicle.

“Say Cheese”

For increased safety, all RFTA buses and major facilities are under audio and video surveillance.

Buses can get crowded during peak commuting times. Please be mindful of others and keep personal belongings in your lap to free the seat next to you. Plan your commute with the help of the RFTA BusTracker at to see your bus in real time and to check how crowded it may be. 

To read RFTA’s Passenger Code of Conduct please visit Code of Conduct – RFTA Passenger
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