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Learn and work on cutting-edge systems by venturing out into the world of biofuels, CNG, Hybrid, and Battery Electric transit vehicles – all while embarking on an excellent career opportunity with room for advancement.


Position Location: Aspen and/or Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Pay Range: Starting pay range is $31.41 – $42.01/hourly, based on experience.

Benefits: Benefits include (but are not limited to): Paid time off, medical, dental, vision, and hearing insurance with FSA/HSA, short-term disability, long-term disability, life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D), 401(a) and 457(b) retirement plan, EAP, ski pass, etc. See all RFTA benefits.



Performs routine and minor repairs and preventative maintenance on RFTA buses and automotive equipment not only with conventionally fueled vehicles, but also with very specialize alternative fueled vehicles including Biofuels, Compressed Natural Gas and Battery Electric vehicles.. This includes removing, repairing, and replacing parts and components as necessary, while using tools and equipment in a safe and professional manner.  Provides varied support to the Operation Department.

If you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle; you aren’t afraid to work, learn and think; and you’re looking for a great career opportunity consider talking with the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority to see if a career and lifestyle is in your future.



Performs general and complex mechanical repairs, preventative maintenance, and inspections on RFTA buses and automotive equipment. Not only with conventionally fueled vehicles but also with very specialized alternative fueled vehicles including Biofuels, Compressed Natural Gas, and Battery Electric vehicles. This includes conducting detailed inspections as well as removing, repairing, and replacing parts and components as necessary while using tools and equipment in a safe and professional manner. Provides varied support to the Operations Department.



    1. Operates vehicles while strictly complying with RFTA policies, directives, procedures, and all Federal and Colorado traffic laws and regulations.
    2. Maintains and repairs CNG and Diesel engines, EV Systems, chassis, air and electrical systems, automatic transmissions, and drive trains, and performs minor body work and repairs at the system, unit, component, or part level.
    3. Regularly inspects vehicles as scheduled (e.g., State of Good Repair, Safety, and DOT inspections), identifies defects, and makes repairs as needed. Performs regular preventative maintenance on RFTA vehicles. Including preventative maintenance of non-high voltage systems on Battery Electric and Hybrids vehicles.
    4. May direct preventive maintenance and inspect repairs performed by lower-level mechanics.
    5. Troubleshoots vehicle systems, identifying causes of maintenance problems. Recommends and performs subsequent repairs.
    6. Assists in the maintenance of vehicles utilizing alternative propulsion technologies and fuels including Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Battery Electric Buses (BEB), Hybrid, and Biodiesel technologies.
    7. Ensures proper vehicle assignments are made while vehicle needs are being met.
    8. Participates in building safety inspections and regular training meetings.
    9. Responds to road calls, and service calls and operates service trucks. Provides support to Operations Department for vehicle exchanges, vehicle repairs, or vehicle recovery as needed.
    10. Documents all actions taken in a professional manner in written and /or electronic format. Completes all necessary forms (e.g., accident, incident, spill reports, core and warranty information and etc.).
    11. Seasonally inspects vehicles as scheduled, identifying defects and making repairs as needed.
    12. Performs welding duties related to vehicle repairs.
    13. Actively and continuously improves professional knowledge, skills, and abilities by participating in routine training sessions and educational seminars relevant to position and job duties.
    14. Completes assigned safety and compliance training in RFTA-sponsored Learning Management Software (Travitor) on a timely basis. Incomplete training required for the position will adversely affect the annual performance review. This includes all RFTA-required training programs.
    15. Meets attendance/participation standards for routine safety meetings and training sessions.
    16. Responsible to maintain the work area in a neat and orderly manner.


  1. Provides support for the Operations Department (e.g., bus pullout, vehicle exchanges, vehicle recovery, snow plowing, and sanding).
  2. Occasionally assists or serves as a fill-in for Service Workers.


  • Position requires extremely strenuous physical work involving objects in excess of 100 pounds occasionally and/or in excess of 50 pounds frequently. Works in conditions where up to 650 volts DC and up to 480 volts 3-phase AC is present. Works in a typical automotive/industrial environment. Encounters exposure to moving equipment and vehicles, and related fumes and chemicals. Works in all weather conditions, at varied shifts, and on roadways in the event of a breakdown or accident. Responds to serious accidents. Comes in contact with bodily fluids on a regular basis. Works on a regular basis with hazardous and toxic materials (e.g., toxic paints, thinner, and other bodywork supplies) strictly adhering to all safety rules and regulations pertaining to their use, storage, and proper disposal. Personal Protective Equipment provided.
  • Must be able to pass a fitness for duty test and drug and alcohol prior to employment.
  • RFTA Vehicle Maintenance Department operates two locations 24 hrs. /7 days a week 365 days a year. All employees are expected to work weekends, holidays, and any shift as necessary.
  • Most shifts are 10 ½ hours with non-traditional staring times; generally, the morning shift (6:00 AM), afternoon (2:00 PM) or graveyard (10:00 PM). There are no conventional Mon-Fri 8-5 shifts. This position is subject to shift differential pay based on hours worked or job assignments.
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