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Attention Commuters! Survey opportunity to weigh in on a potential new trail connection.

The trail section between the AABC and the Brush Creek Park and Ride is a significant gap in Pitkin County’s extensive trail system. Pitkin County Open Space and Trails, in partnership with the City of Aspen and the Elected Officials Transportation Committee (EOTC), wants your feedback in a county-wide community survey intended to gather feedback regarding the potential use and connectivity of the trail connection and various alignment options.

The current trail connection from the Brush Creek Park and Ride to the AABC requires trail users to go down to Jaffee Park and up a gravel path that has an average grade of ~12%. At present, getting to the Aspen Airport Business Center from the Rio Grande Trail requires users to descend to the Stein Bridge and up a gravel path with another steep grade averaging ~15%. This route also adds two miles.

For more information on the trail alignment, project history, and engagement opportunities visit the project webpage on or click the link here.

Thank you for taking the survey >

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